Wall insulation in the bathroom

With the concrete floor drying nicely it is time to start insulating the walls in the bathroom area. I had planned to get the materials yesterday already, but life decided otherwise.

So when Martijn arrived I was halfway planning what I needed and we went shopping together. Unfortunately the insulation plates I had picked where not available at the Puu market around the corner, but they could see they had them at the branch on the other side of town. So we had a nice ride to explore another construction store.

After lunch used the laser to get the right location for the top and bottom rail and then it actually worked pretty fast to put in a metal stud at the correct location and fill the created space with insulation.

While I worked on the wall, Martijn took out another window which was at a wrong spot and filled it with some art-work from the previous owner. Soon the north wall was insulated and the west wall was ready to be insulated. A very rewarding day!

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