The workshop

Secretly I had already started to use the work bench, which also stimulated to create a bit more order in the tools. I had seen a nice design of so called french cleat storage wall and wanted to try this. So I made a few small tool organizers. Because of the system you can easily move a set of tools do a different part of the workshop. After building this test setup I am convinced I will use this system to store the rest of my tools later on.

A few days later a new toy arrived, an Odroid N2+ with ‘gorgeous’ aluminum case, shortly the Home Assistant Blue, as an upgrade for my Raspberry Pi 3 to run home assistant for the upcoming years. So the darkest time of year I had something to keep me busy. Of course the first thing I did was open the case to check the content (and to turn it around to the connector where on a more logical side.)

Getting rid of the machine (2)

With the lessons learned from last week, the second part of moving the bigger part of the machine went smoother, but also because it was heavier, it still took an afternoon of playing outside.

As the scrap yard was closed already we went there the next day. With the 20 ton crane it was easy to lift the machine off the trailer. The main part was just over 350 kilo and the total was good for around 80 euro. Let’s not count hours, just enjoy the little extra towards the building budget.

With this big heavy thing out of the way I could finish the last part of the drive way. It really is another finishing touch.

Getting rid of the machine

With the house we also got some old machine that was standing in the garden in front of the garage. I was very heavy, so it had been standing there ever since. It seems it has been standing there for years, as I have seen glimpses on old Google maps images.

Together with Martijn we planned a day to lift it and move it onto the trailer, so we can bring it to the scrap yard.

Long story short, we had a lot of fun, it took ages, but in the end we got the first piece on the trailer just after sunset (which is around 15:20 this time of year, but still.) Next week the second piece.

Bathroom windows

The shed is cleaned up, so it was clear the glass in the outside window needs to be replaced. Some are cracked, one has a little hole and one has some spray paint on it. So on to the glass store. Of course also the frame needed some attention, but it was mainly sanding and painting. Something that could be done on my new workbench.

With the new glass in place, we started talking about the inner window. I suggested to use frosted glass at the bottom to get some privacy in the bathroom, but Mo thought that was a bit boring. We talked a bit more and 10 minutes later we had thought up a nice alternative. A window inspired by Mondriaan and Mo’s Mondriaan inspired wedding dress. Another half an hour later a sketch on scale was made and even a bit later I had drawn it on the wall and card board/windows. That showed we needed a little adjustment, to have the tiles match the floor tiles. Great plans, now see if this can be done within a reasonable budget.

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