The workshop

Secretly I had already started to use the work bench, which also stimulated to create a bit more order in the tools. I had seen a nice design of so called french cleat storage wall and wanted to try this. So I made a few small tool organizers. Because of the system you can easily move a set of tools do a different part of the workshop. After building this test setup I am convinced I will use this system to store the rest of my tools later on.

A few days later a new toy arrived, an Odroid N2+ with ‘gorgeous’ aluminum case, shortly the Home Assistant Blue, as an upgrade for my Raspberry Pi 3 to run home assistant for the upcoming years. So the darkest time of year I had something to keep me busy. Of course the first thing I did was open the case to check the content (and to turn it around to the connector where on a more logical side.)

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