It takes a long breath

After the physical cable was brought into the house it took another two weeks before a technician came to weld the glass fiber to the terminator.
After that I went to the Telia store to get the fiber optic plan, only to find out they could give out everything at the store except for the fiber optic patch cable. For which another technician needed to come. After a year of waiting this last frustration could be added to the pile.
But then finally, I had the 100/100 Mb internet connection running on my own router, so I could finally do some port forwarding!

The cable is in the house

After a rough week the bright light was that the Fiber optic cable is now in the house at the spot where I planned to have it.
Next week we’ll be in the Netherlands for a celebration and a family dinner.

Nice centrally in the house with the other meters.