A new desk and lots of tiles

With all this working from home I figured it was time to get a sit-stand desk. After some research I found the best value at Ikea. Since there still a good normal desk, I just ordered the mechanism. After a putting it together I put it under the desk and raised it. It turned out a great investment. I change between sitting and standing several times per day.

During the weekend it was tiles, glue and more tiles. Slowly a real bathroom emerged.

Tiling the bathroom

Sometimes there are weeks where a lot of visible things happen and then there are weeks like these. Little to report. Some parts for the livingroom lights came in quicker then expected. I had ordered a QuinLED controller as I had heard good things about it and also ordered a powersupply and RGBWW LED strips that besides colour also can emit warm white light. I tested the combination and then put them aside until I will get to the living room.

Beside I finally had some time to figure out what was wrong with the cable to the last LED strip in the bedroom. After some measuring I concluded the cable was broken. With a bit of effort I was able to use the old cable to pull a new cable behind the ceiling. Some more effort consisting of cutting, stripping, and soldering and the third LED strip also lid up.

And than it was weekend and finally I could start tiling the bathroom. The first part took a lot of time as I first had to work my way down to make sure the tiles would line up with the window. From there on al the other tiles will be aligned. But a great start!

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