Second bedroom

There is still a lot of small things to finish in the second bedroom. So this week is dedicated to that. First I finished the cabinet under the roof with plaster plate. Then I found out some material we got from Mo’s kindergarten this spring would make excellent doors and while I was at it, also a nice desk.

When I took out the outside windows, I would out that the bottom part of one of them was in pretty bad shape. I decided to try to make a new part, as these window frames are made without glue it was easy to take it apart and after that is was a fun exercise to recreate the part using the table saw.

In between I also found the time to finally sand the garden bench that came from my grand parents and oil it. It looks like new again is ready for the winter.

Some finishing touches

We had wonderful days camping around Estonia. In between we have been home for a few days when we knew it would be raining all day. But when we got home, there was again plenty to do to finish the bedroom and then to finish the second bedroom.

In the master bedroom I finally figured out how to finish the space above the drawer cabinet and in the second bedroom I put up lights and some art.

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