Smart home and heater problem

With the washing machine in the far corner of the house, you do not hear it at all. Which is good when it runs, but then you also don’t notice it is done. While working on home automation projects I came across a project where any washing machine can be made smarter by adding a SonOff POW. It measures the power use and once that is below a set threshold you can set a notification. I had ordered a SonOff POW and this week I made a test setup. It seems the average voltage in the house is between 237 and 242 volts.
On Wednesday the burner wash in error mode, something it has done a few times over the past months, but after a reset it would recover. But this time it did not. After a few phone calls a technician came in to check it out. He took out the burn cup which turned out to be full of pellets (after resetting the heater a few times, where every time it loads more pellets) He emptied the burning cup, cleaned ot out a bit, but it back and it all worked again. Lets hope this was an incident.
During the weekend I was on the roof again as there was a tiny little leak left. And because I could not finish the last part of the insulation untill I had confirmed this last leak was closed also, I started to take measurements for the wood that would cover the ceiling of the bed room.

Light and sound

This week was very rainy, it showed clearly there was one leak left. You’d say it would be easy to fix that last roof, but it turned out to be tricky. Because after I put another wider layer of repair material there was still a little water coming in. In the mean time Mo filled the last seams between the tiles in the hallway. And together with Mo and Marc we put in the last parts of the roof insulation during the week.
In the weekend ABC had another 25% discount and with the shortening days we found out the back yard was pretty dark, so I got some LED spot lights and some motion detectors. The weird thing was that a halogen spotlight including a motion detector was cheaper then just the motion detector, but since I did not have a use for the halogen spotlights I decided to earn back the difference while using the spotlights.
Besides I wanted to install a doorbell, after looking around I found a doorbell with two different sounds depending on the button you press. So I installed one at the front door and one at the back door. Very interesting to see almost all doorbells in Estonia work on 230V up to the button.

The hunt for the last leaks

With the starting fall we also get a lot of rain. Which in a way is good, because it shows where there is still a leak in the roof. So this week was dedicated to finding and fixing the last leaks.
While putting in more roof insulation I found another leak that turned out to be hidden under moss, but this one was so clear that after cleaning the moss away the leak was fixed in one go. Here also the scaffolding of Jan came in handy.

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