A treasure!

Today Mo and I went to the house. I wanted to lay the last tubes to the smaller part of the house and Mo was going to take all the stuff from the attic down.

While installing the electrical tubes I found out about the difference in height between the two parts of the house, which results in the fact I can take the wired directly through the wall above the fuse box to the attic of the lower part of the house. When I found out about this I also checked if I could reroute the first wire I took upstairs and decided I will do that as well.

When I was working on the third group I needed to put a tube on the floor, since the floor was covered with saw dust, I cleaned this away. While doing this, I saw a piece of triplex in the corner. At first I did not pay much attention to it, but at some point I decided to take it out. When I did I found a small round package wrapped in brown paper with some thin robe around it.

I picked it up and got excited, what could this be. It was not very heavy. I took out the knot and unwrapped an old tin candy can with some metal wire around it. After opening it, I found something wrapped in some white wrapping paper. It turned out to be 10 packs of money! I quickly saw CCCP written on it, so it must have been hidden there for at least 28 years.

Later at home, I found out it was 10 packs of 100 ruble in bills of different value, of the 6th CCCP rubles, which have been used between 1961 and 1991. It had some 3’s, lots of 5’s and 10’s and some 25’s and 50’s. SUR 1000 in total, at that time a good year salary according to Mo, now more or less without monetary value. Still a very cool discovery!

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  1. Wonderful discovery!!! Too bad you didn’t get rich, but it’s always nice to find a hidden treasure. 😛

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