More electricity groups

After a weekend in the Netherlands, the Wednesday was used to add more groups to the fuse box. So the future living room and Mo atelier got wired up before hitting the hard one, getting a wire to the boys room upstairs. For this I decided after a couple of test-holes , the best option would be to drill under an angle. Two angles to be more precise. I tried a couple of holes, but did not find a place the drill would exit, until at some point I found it in the side of the stairs. So far I had been drilling from upstairs. I tried one more hole from downstairs and finally had the hole I needed. All in all this took a lot of time and two fully charged batteries for the drill.

After this the last part was fairly easy. When I was so high up I checked out the chimney sweepers hedge, to find out where the leaking water was coming from. Well, it seems the leaking will be stopped sometime soon. Some of the holes where just to obvious.

From up there I had a nice view of the garden, so I made a nice picture.

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