Last week before the vacation

The birthday party was a great success, even though it was the first rainy day in weeks, but under the train roofs we had a good place to sit with a nice group of people. I had asked for rock garden plants and people sure brought them. So to keep them healthy I planted them in the side garden, so there would not be to much care for them during our vacation.

Another thing on the checklist was the annual test for the car, since the deadline would be half way our vacation I took care of it before the vacation. It turned out one of the test stations is literally at the end of the street, so when I was waiting in line I could walk home and get some stuff. When it was my turn the car was inspected and apart from a few minor problems, like a few small lights it was ok. Turned out I could fix them later and the car was good to go for another year. Way more pragmatic as in the Netherlands.

In the 17th we’ll leave for France, so the next update is after we come back. My dad will come over to help out. We are planning to work on the living room and kitchen.

From car to simple camper

Time is ticking and soon Mo will have her last day at work and the day after we can leave for a vacation to France. The plan is to turn the van in a simple camper with as much comfort as possible in a small space.
I put in the chemical toilet, a jerrycan for water, a washing bowl and a fridge. They just fit next to each other. Behind it a full mattress of 1m40 x 2m fits exactly.
Together with Jan we build the woodwork around it. From some thin triples I make replacement panels for the doors and like the the camper is almost done.
Time for a birthday party!

Spring cleaning in the garden

As I mentioned last week, I finally knew something for my birthday: a brush cutter. Both my dad and Mo’s mother sponsored this gift and it was great fun to clean out the parts of the garden with way to high weeds. I also cleaned the outside of the fence and the gutter next to it. A huge improvement.

Next to the new greenhouse was an old bathtub. It was pretty much in the way their and we figured it would be nice to move it under the corner of the garage roof to collect rain water. So some digging and than moving this heavy monster and placing it in the hole. With the help of Mattias it went pretty smooth. The dirt that came out of the hole could be used next to the green house. Meanwhile Mo cleaned up around the well and like that the garden had gotten a nice spring cleaning.

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