Ceiling and lights

Once all the metal studs where put in, I could put in the vertical parts to create a light cove. When this was done, I could put in the LED strips and connect the power supply and QuinLED. After a quick test run it was time to put in the ceiling plates.

With the help of Mo and Mattias we put in the 4 plates, which went pretty smooth. On to the plastering and painting.

Finishing tiling and starting ceiling

Time flies when you are having fun. But that does not finish the bathroom. So after putting in the last tiles a few weeks ago, it was time for the grouting, which again was a finishing touch.

Next up was the ceiling and the indirect light. I made a combination of the lowered ceiling and a place to connect the vertical part that will hold the LED strips.

In the mean time all stores are closed due to corona, but luckily ABC already had a web shop and they offered the option to pick up the order from the store.

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