Some repair work and more Ikea stuff

Fall is taking over summer. With it comes stormy weather. Some of the fences need some attention.

Besides there was another email from Ikea. Finally the pull out fitting for the corner cabinet came in. Installing that turned the cabinet into a useful cabinet where our pots and pans can be kept in an organized manner.

Finishing touches

Finally having a real living room feels so good. We really enjoy just sitting on the sofa, listening to music. Cooking in our real kitchen and having dinner on the table. We kind of took it easy a bit and relax.

Some of the small things we did was getting a induction adapter for the moka espresso maker Mo had gotten from Stefano. While we where at the wholesale store I had noticed these adapters, so when the moka maker did not work, I knew how to fix this.

Mo’s mother also gave us an old lamp with yellow details in the same colour as our kitchen wall. So we tried it and it seems to fit nicely.

And with the kitchen finished, we don’t have to do dishes in the bathroom anymore, so we could finally install the vanity desk in the bathroom.

Finishing the floor

The first part of the floor really stimulates to finish the rest. On one side of the stove there was a higher piece of concrete I didn’t see use for, so I took it out. This way the floor nicely formed around the stove. By the end of the day the floor was one and we moved in the sofa and one of the chairs. It looked great.

The next day we picked up some stuff from Mo’s mothers place. The other chair, the hocker and finally the amplifier and speakers. Finally decent sound in the house. We spend nice time listening to CDs and LPs. Mo took two big paintings she thought would fit nicely in the big wall. She sure has an eye for this.

I also tried to find a solution for the extractor hood that had a too short chimney. I contacted company specialized in stainless steel and ask one of the other Dutchies in town who’s father in law is in the business. Hopefully we can finish this part soon.

The last fronts and a wooden floor

Finally Ikea send a message about the last fronts we where missing. So after picking them up, I could finally finish the kitchen. Well, almost finish as the cables for the counter lights are still missing. But it looks awesome! We also got new pots and pan as we now have an induction hub. I got them at the horeca wholesale store for a very nice price.

In the living room it finally time for the wooden floor and the painting of the stove with a special heat resistant paint (just in case we ever fire it up again). Mo does the painting and I am putting in the floor. A very productive day !

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