Repairing the chainsaw and building the studio

Jon-Paul contacted me if he could borrow my chainsaw. This gave me a good reason to fix it. As it stopped working out of the blue at some point. I took it apart and removed a lot of dust which on its own was already worth it.

With the help of DuckDuckGo and a multi-meter I concluded the capacitor was broken. Of to the Makita specialist. They did not seem interested. According to them the chainsaw was to old and the did not have this part, as a matter of fact ‘they often take it out as it has no use’.
I found another specialist who turned out to be much more friendly, they where impressed this old machine was still going strong, checked the computer for the part and concluded they could not get it anymore. To bad, but they did win me as a client for future needs.
Since the part is ‘just is 250V capacitor’ I figures I try my luck with an electronics store and that was a good call. I put the capacitor in and after a few tries the chainsaw was working like a charm again. This has cost me some time and a 2 euro part. The sheer satisfaction of repairing something!

Back in the studio, the walls and ceiling where placed quickly; another great metamorphoses of a room.

Chicken, another kitchen and planting

We finally visited Mo’s sister and her family on Hiiumaa. It has been a great weekend with a big surprise at the end. Mo’s sister gave us two chicken. So suddenly the construction works are moved outside to build a chicken coop. The base will be the old dog house that came with the house. It is great this can be reused as well. With the help of Marc and Mattias it is placed on poles and then the coop is build around it. All was build with materials already laying around the house, made to fit, the only thing we bought was netting to close the coop.

In between I went to return the help by rewiring the kitchen of Glenn and Anton. I had to cut in the concrete wall of their apartment and add wires and power sockets as preparation for their kitchen renovation.

I made a new sill for the studio doorway, as the old one was beyond repair. Nice playing with the table saw again.

Meanwhile Mo prepared the greenhouse for a new season of tomatoes. We learned from last year not to plant to many plants, as the grow big.

The chicken also are settled in and start laying eggs. It is impressive how the plow the ground. Within no time all the grass is gone and they have dug up all kinds of stones and trash.

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