Start of a chair

About two months ago I talked with Mo about her birthday present. As I found out she is very fond of ‘De Stijl‘ I aked if she would like a Rietveld chair for her birthday, which would be delivered a bit later… Time flies so it was about time to start building it. As wikipedia has a full list of used parts it was pretty easy to calculate how much wood I would need. Since beech wood is very hard to get in Estonia, I used pine.

I started with a beam that I cut to length, then I cut them to size followed by drilling the holes for the dowels. When dry fitting them, it quickly started to look like the chair. As I did not have the sheet wood, I put a few other pieces to get a feel of the later result. Time to get paint.

With these darker days it was getting a bit annoying that the light in the garage kitchen did not work. After testing together with Jan who stopped by for a visit, I consulted with Loeke. The solution was actually pretty simple. It turned out the common ground and the switched ground where close to each other, and not explicitly marked. Since the switched ground strip was full I had continued with the common ground, which is a different circuit, so the circuit break did work as designed. I added a extra strip to split both grounds up and then I had light in the kitchen and under the train roof.

In the mean time it seems winter has started with a nice layer of snow and temperatures under 0.

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