Day 1 of the BYOT party

At 8:15 our alarm went off. We got up, packet some last stuff, like bowls for the soup and cups for tea and then went off to the ABC construction store to get some new tools and some gloves and dust masks.

Around 10 we arrived at the house and started to get ready for the first day of our BYOT weekend in which we hope we will get most of the demolishing in and around the house done.

Voldemar was the first to show up and he started on the brick wall in front of the house. Soon after Mattias came to help.Eve was the next to join and she also had her mind set on breaking down some of the wall, so while the others moved the loose bricks to the container she took her place behind the power tools.

Just before the first tea break Kaspar showed up and man did he do a good job on the wall. While the rest of us had a cup of tea, he took down most of the wall. Unfortunately he did break the handle of the pick, so back to ABC to get a replacement.

When I showed the guy at the store the broken handle he asked for the receipt, which was in my wallet, in my pants at home. So about 20 minutes later, I was back and since the pick was only a few hours old I got a replacement handle free of charge. Great service ABC!!

Back home Laura and Kiku had showed up. I assigned them to strip the future sauna/bathroom area. These ladies cannot only drink wine together, before we knew it the room was empty and the walls around the chimney where stripped.

Gian-Luca and Lotte arrived and joined forces with the wall demolition team by helping them throw all the bricks in the container.

We had a soup break and after that the last thing for the day was to move the old shower out of the room to the container. This thing turned out to be made from concrete, so we had to break it into pieces to be able to lift it.

All in all a very productive day! Thank you very much to all our helping hands! We are looking forward to see who will be helping us tomorrow!

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