Day 2 of the BYOT party

The alarm went early again, but this time it was a bit harder to get out of bed. Once we did we send out a message to the people we where expecting to hot hurry as we where running late.

When we walked out of the door Mo asked if I needed my jacket. Since I would only hang it on the wall and we where going by car, I said I would leave it. When we got to the car Miikka called. He was already at the house.

A few minutes later we where there as well, only to find out the keys of the house where in the pocket of my jacket. So another round trip and we could start.

Miikko took down the last layers of the outside wall. It seemed they used different cement as these last few layers took almost as long as the entire wall.
Mo took down the last part of one of the wooden walls and I took down a wall in the future sauna area.

All in all a good day, with a less obvious result.

Mo taking down a wall

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