The floor is almost ready

After the adventure of last night, we had concluded that it was actually a good thing that the rusty pipes broke before we closed the floor. This way we can replace it and while we are at it move the meter to a more convenient location, and since there is still 25% discount at ABC we might as well get it during today. Besides last night we have made a design for the floor heating in the lower part of the house, so we know how much pipe to get, also nice with the 25% discount. Plus we decided to get a simple self leveling laser. to help getting floors and walls straight.

But before more shopping, we put in the floor insulation, so we could put the PU-foam around the edges to dry during lunch and shopping.

Mo came to join for lunch. she brought some nice breads. After we got the pipes the other stuff on the shopping list, Mo continued on the garden, while my dad and I puzzled the reinforcement mats in place. Tomorrow we should have the floor ready for the floor heating pipes and then we can order concrete!

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