A step further form a toilet

This weekend ABC had 25% discount on all their products. A good moment to buy some of the materials we need in the next week or two. In a flyer of Espak we say a circular saw by Makita on sale and it turned out the same machine at ABC with the 25% discount was still 20 euro more expensive as at Espak, so we first went to Espak, that wah we could check out the prices of some of the other materials we where planning to buy

It turned out ABC was (with the 25% discount) easily cheaper, we we just bought the circular saw and then went back to ABC. The lady at the cash register was more then Estonian friendly, like it makes sense to me that I first pay for the loose stuff I bring to the cash register and then have them make a bill that I can pickup and pay from the warehouse.

Anyway, the guys at the warehouse recognized my car from before and where very helpful. They loaded the OSB, insulation material and concrete reinforcement mats on top of the car with the help of a fork lift. It fitted nicely, but I guess it was be bit to heavy. Good thing we only needed to drive about 2 kilometer of mostly straight road.

In the afternoon Marc can to help again. He and my dad did a great job making the ground around the yesterday finished sever pipes level, while I picked up some last stuff we forgot and then fixed the floor around the water meter so it could be closed down. Mo worked on the garden.

When she left to start preparing dinner, I was about done to put the floorboards in, I just needed to move the flexible pipe from the old sever system a bit down. While I worked on that the rusty water pipe broke just before the main tab and started a fine spray of water, which got bigger quickly. I put a piece of wood in front of it so the water would not spray all over the room. My dad came to help. I called Mo so she could call the water company to close the main tab in the street. Then i got some duck tape from the car to cover the hole as good as possible.

About 15 minutes later a car from the water company stopped in front of the house, they found the main valve quickly and shut it down. I found out that unlike the Netherlands, where all the pipe before the meter belongs to the water company, here everything after the main valve is your. Which means we are responsible for the replacement of the rusty lines. Oh well, two steps forward, one step back.

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