Start of the bedroom

Now that most of the basic needs are done. We have sewer, water, electricity, heating and insulation, we can now really start with the fun and rewarding (and expensive) part of the renovation, the construction and decoration.

We figured a bedroom would be a nice start, especially since when that is done we can move the bed from the living room, creating space to finish that and then the rest will follow like a waterfall.

With the help of Jeff we got the wooden boards we planned to cover the room and make a nice ceiling. The first thing we had to do was stain the wood with white wash paint. As the wood has tongue and groove, it has to be stained before putting it in so you won’t get unstained parts visible when the wood warps a bit.

The next day we went to get the clips to connect the boards blindly. As ABC was doing inventory today, we went to K-Rauta, where we also saw a bathroom sink we liked. Although those things are still very overpriced. Back home we start putting in the first boards. They fit the length of the room, which is very beautiful but also makes it pretty tricky to get them in place. Together we succeeded though. A nice start of our bedroom.

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