Electricity and wall paper

At some point I realized there was good progress on the bedroom, but I had forgotten a pretty vital part. To put in electricity. So now with the walls and insulation in place it would be a bit more tricky. The good thing is that the holes that will fit the power sockets are pretty big and with a pvc pipe and the help of Marc it was actually smoother then expected to put the wiring behind the wall.
After the power sockets where in I just needed to get the power to it from the central box in the room and suddenly there was a working electrical system.
To prepare the walls for the finishing I plastered them smooth. The pre-made buckets or putty are a bit expensive but the work very nicely, so well worth the money.
Next up, putting some fiber glass wall paper on the walls. Unlike the hallway there is a lot of making it fit, something where the fiber glass excels because of it firm structure. The result was nice and smooth.
During the weekend we cleaned up the last branches in the garden. It starts to look half way decent.

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