Pruning and walls

This week I was on a role. The wall insulation in the bedroom went smooth. As I had read you could plaster directly on this, I gave it a try and the finishing is really nice!
Next step plaster plate under to roof to finish off and protect the insulation there.
During the weekend I had a talk with Marc about different finishes of walls, since he did not know one of my favorites glass fiber wall covering. I decided to show him by putting it on the hall way walls. It suddenly seems so much more done, but also it starts to scream for us to decide on colours.
With the nice weather outside a nice morning spot to have tea is on the stairs of the backdoor. There I saw the window still had the wrong skirting around it, to i decided to fix that. And then there still was a lot of pruning to do. According to tradition you can prune up to Easter, so we had to hurry (although nature does not show to much signs of waking up with the cold nights we have) Carool and I took a new approach, I send him a lot of pictures and we called to discuss them. I am starting to get the hang of it so the cutting went quicker and more sure. For the last tree I gathered aabout all the extension cords from the house to reach it. Lot’s of wood came from the trees, so lots of small branches to burn.
As the wind was not very favorable at some point the neighbor came to as if we could stop for now. Timo turned out to have lived there since his childhood. He told he had found this blog by accident and enjoyed reading it. He also had some nice stories about the old neighbors that lived in hour house before us. I am looking forward to go into more detail about the history of the house.

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