Planting gooseberries and tomatoes

This week, Jan came back from Muhu with my van filled with 3 big old gooseberry bushes I had picket up from a friend of Daan who was redoing her garden. So we decided where to plant them and put them in. The bushes need a lot of trimming, but we figured it would be good to first let the root and than trim them for the next season.

To prepare the car for the vacation trip that seems to be more and more likely to happen, I gave it a 20.000 km service. Oil and filters mainly, it was clear the filters had been skipped the at least the last time. This jumpy has a few parts very well hidden. So I’ll leave the glow plugs for sometime later.

During the weekend, we sifted through the soil in the greenhouse, added horse shit and tomato dirt and than planted them. Very excited to see the results later this summer.

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