A fruitful day

Today I took the day off, as a matter of fact the next 4 weeks I will have the day off on Wednesday to work on the house. I had planned some investigations so from my findings I could adjust my plans.

One of the first things I planned to do was open the hatch and check out the cellar. It was smaller then I thought, about 60 cm deep and 2 by 2 meters more or less square. This will make any sewer plans more complicated.
Then I checked the living room for hatches but there where not any. So I checked out the hole in the floor near the water meter. It turned out all the floor board where laying there without being nailed down. So I took one out and discovered the floor was insulated.
I took out some more and found out the section of the floor near the water meter had a big nest of mouses ore even rats. I cleaned that away and will need to replace this insulation later on.

I opened the second layer of floor board under the insulation and found out here there was about 20 cm of space. To make sure this was all over the place I opened the floor boards in the corner, the place where we now are planning to bring the sewer into the house.
To check how hard it would be to bring the sewer into the house I also made a hole on the outside of the house in the corner. The good thing was that the ground was pretty easy to dig in. Up to half a meter it was black dirt.

After lunch I added some light to the hallway, to the corridor near the front door and to the former kitchen. That way we have to work less with extension cords passing doorways. I guess the rest will come after I can the new fuse cabinet.

The last thing for today was taking out the last part of the ceiling. Now, apart from some details the entire ceiling is free. I found 3 place where it has been leaking, so at some point I need to fix those leaks before I will put in a new ceiling.

Just after 21:30 I finally got home, where Mo had cooked another wonderful meal. It is wonderful to have her support me this way!

P.S. The container has still not been picket up …

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