Estonian get rich quick scheme

Today the container was finally picked up and we were confronted with some ridiculous charges. As I wrote before, according to the rental company you can fill a 10 m3 container with 1.8 tons of mixed construction waste. Just for reference, 1 m3 of bricks weighs around 1.6 ton and 1 m3 meter of wood weighs around 500 – 550 kg. So in 1 to 4 m3 of construction materials you would reach the limit while your container isn’t even half full.

Our container weighed 6890 kg minus the weight of the container (1200 kg), minus the 1.8 tons of included weight. So we where 3890 kg overweight with the container about 2/3rd full. The company charged us more then the container price in overweight charger. When I asked what kind of material they expect to will a 10 m3 container with to reach only 1.8 tons, they did not have a real answer. I also asked where I could send the bill for their no show on Monday. That they also did not know. To be continued, but it seems this company underestimates the power of word of mouth advertisement. This is at least the last business they do with us.

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