The container is to heavy

Another day working from home. Good thing I had been heating the house well yesterday. As today it was a bit warmer. This makes me look forward to the time when I have put in the insulation!

Around 14:15 Mo called again to the container company. They would be there within an hour. Around 15:40 I thought I heard something and in deed, the truck was already trying to load the container. Unfortunately I had left my phone in the house, so no picture of a pretty spectacular lift of the front of the truck by almost a meter. The Russian speaking truck driver, was able to communicate to me: The container was to heavy! Tomorrow there will be a bigger truck.

The company called to Mo about this, they complained that we did not have mixed building trash, as the container had mostly bricks. They also told that in this 10 m^3 container we could only load 1.8 tons of trash. This seems pretty unreasonable, as 1 m^3 of brick already weighs already 1.7-1.8 tons, so I wandered what kind of trash they are expecting. We decided to take out most of the bricks, as the charges per extra ton are high and would easily pay for an extra container. Especially since Laura gave us a better address.

So, after some very fruitful days of work an evening of stupid work. Mo, Marc and Mattias came to help. Pretty soon we stumbled on all the other trash we put under the brick so it would not fly out during transport, but toward the end we had an about half filled container of what they will hopefully call mixed trash.

After that Mo and I had a nice talk about the canalization, where she suggested a different approach from the plan so far, which seems to make much more sense. Also she had a great idea on what to do with the very heavy foundation of the wall we took down: turn it into a rock garden. What a great plan!

Before going home I took out another piece of ceiling.

The container and the bricks
More bare ceiling

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