Picking up a washing machine

Mo’s mother had an extra washing machine at her place, and as we don’t have one, it was great we could pick it up. In the same ride we dropped of the sofa and the three old TV’s that had been standing in the garden since we took them out the house last January. No pictures today, so a pretty boring post.

First moving day

Today will be the day we will do a big part of the moving and some setting up/cleaning up.

We got almost everything except the beds and the table and chairs in Rõika now.

After that I connected the electrical part of the shower and got the radio and lights working. Fancy shower!

As a last preparation for the final move, we put the old couch on the car to drop of at a recycling center, but the one in Tallinn did not want to take it for free, even though the website said they should. Since we did not want to pay 10 euro to drop of a decent couch, we decided we would try tomorrow at Tabasalu.

Besides, we had movie tickets for tonight.

Closing a wall and packing

Moving day is coming soon, so some the priority of some chores goes up. The piece of open wall created by the removal of the fireplace still needed to be closed, so I started creating some brick laying skills.

I picked up some of the stones from the pallet, made some cement and started making some “grown ups Lego” wall.

It went pretty well, once I get about half way it was time for dinner, so I went home to the apartment, where Mo had been packing.

Finishing the shower

With a bit of searching, watching YouTube videos and double checking all connections of the shower, I found the missing connections and connected the cold and warm water.

Meanwhile Uve was almost done with installing the water heater.

When I was at ABC, I also picked up some materials to create a dishes rack above the sync, which will come in handy when we will live here.

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