Cleaning out the shed

With the wall fixed up, I figured I could clean out out shed and make a space for the garden tools and for the bags of pellets, as that way they are closer to the heater.
The work mostly consisted at taking out the wood I put there from the first work almost 2 years ago. I moved it to the old shed in the back of the garden where I have stored more wood until I get to cut it in pieces for the sauna heater.
When the place was empty I could broom it clean and make a rack for the bigger garden tools. I cut a few pallets to size, so the bags with pellets would fit on them and moved the last bags from the garage to the shed. I guess it is time to order some more.

Later in the week I moved some of the last rubble that my dad dug out the bathroom area to the very back of the garden, where there is a piece of no-ones land, that can use some straightening. Later that day the pellets where delivered, so I could check how they would fit. Pretty nice, I would say.

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