The kitchen has left the building

Today after work I went to the house for some more work. Marc came to help me carry some more or less reusable cabinets, the stove and the boiler to the garage. This will be useful to organize the stuff during the rebuilding. Also this creates a lot of space in the house.

After this I took apart the water system, and found out a 3 phase wire that I had not traced fully yet was going to the stove in the kitchen. A wonderful old fashioned plug.

Then another nice stress reliever: The wall off the kitchen went down quickly. More firewood! A good find was that under the water and sewer pipes I found covering plywood which was very much effected by leaking water, but it had protected the real floor, so the floor underneath was in good condition.

The last remains of the kitchen and shower room
The watermeter is the only thing left

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