Electricity rewired

With the BYOT party coming up, I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be dangerous surprises with electrical wires. So I decided to take a day off and with daylight redo the electrical system.

After I prepared the area around the fusebox and got all the tools together I unscrewed the main fuses in the outside fusebox. The first one went easy, but turned out to have no connector inside, the second one came apart, but with a little patience I managed to get it out and the third one was a different type, which turned out to be have a copper wire bridging the fuse.

After that I took apart the inside fusebox and reassembled it on a different spot according to the rules. Pretty soon the entire system will be replaced, but I have to buy and assemble it first.

The result looks half way decent (except for the connection to the meter, but it will do for now. That will have to be replaced anyway. At least much better then before and at as a big bonus, I know which circuit breaker controls which part of the sytem. Maybe I will add some more wires that I have disconnected if there is a need for it later on.

When I put the main fuses back in, I found out the phases where not connected logical, so I made a not about that as well

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