First real shopping

Today was Wednesday again, so time to work on the house. I had a late start as we had a new co-worker coming in and something went wrong with his hardware, so I dealt with that before getting to the house.

I was clear the house had not been heated very long the past weekend, as it had cooled down to 1 degree. It had been like that for just over a day, so likely that is more or less the minimum temperature.

After starting to heat the place, I wondered what I should start on. As there now are so many things. Mo asked if the boys could help, so I asked them to check out the plan for the canalization and to find out details like size of the materials, depth and other things they could find out.

I decided to first move down the outside light so the camera has a free view. Of course this did not take very long, so the next thing would be to check out the materials for the new electrical system as once I have that in, I can always draw an extra line when I have some time left.

As I had to pick up some chainsaw oil from ABC, I checked out the prices and materials they had to offer before going to a specialist. At Esvika they carry the Harju Elekter line of enclosures I saw from several friends. They are pretty big and have an integrated place for the power meter. In real life it looked nice as well, so I decided to get one and get the components Henk had recommended. When you are from the Netherlands this kind of shopping is very nice, as the prices here are so much lower for this material.

Back home I fitted all components in the enclosure and then visited Martijn to check out how the wiring had been done at his place.

There I found out I had forgotten to get branch connectors as the 3 phases and the neutral need to be distributed to different components. I checked out the construction store, but I guess I will get back to Esvika later on to get some good stuff.

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