Installing the fuse box

With the fuse box all wired up, it was time to place it in the house and take out the old fuse box. I made a plywood back wall to fit and put it into place. After that I once again took out the main fuses and transferred the wires to the new fuse box. After the main connection had been made the first wires I connected where going to a power plug next to the fuse box so I could hook up a light there for the rest of the connections. Then the moment of truth came. Main fuse on, residual-current circuit breaker on, circuit breaker on, light switch on. No sparks just light. A happy moment!

After this, I transferred the wires from the old fuse box to the new fuse box. When this was done I made detailed plans on which group would service what part of the house, trying to have two groups from two different phases next to each other in the living room and upstairs bedrooms, so in case one phase would fail the other can still provide some light.

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