Picking up the steam sauna

On Wednesday I had an appointment to pick up the steam sauna we had checked out a few weeks ago. Yesterday out of the blue we had 20 cm of fresh snow and the temperatures dropped to -14. Pretty chilly to take of the rooftop tent to make space for the bath tub.

The drive to the country side house was great. It was sunny, blue sky, fresh snow. Estonia at it’s most beautiful (in winter).

Together with the previous owner we took the shower cabin apart, a time consuming job for cabin with so many different shower heads, lights, speakers and control panels.

After it was done we put the bath tub on the roof rack and the rest of the cabin inside the car. It all fitted pretty easy, which surprised the sellers.

When I got to Tallinn, I needed to arrange someone to help to take the bath tub of the roof as Marc could not make it. After some message to different people Martijn came to the rescue.

While waiting for him I tried taking apart a piece of the wall between the hallway and the future sauna and found out it was partly stuck by the floor. As that part of the floor had some loose floorboards, I took a few out only to find out underneath was another floor which was pretty rotten, which also explained the loose floorboards.

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