Out with the floor

With the wall gone, it was more obvious that the condition of the floor was at least questionable. So I decided it might be better to just get rid of it and since this part of the house would have the wet rooms in it, build a concrete floor. So more demolition.

The good thing was that today I had help from Martijn who found out I work on the house on Wednesdays and he had the day of as well. We took out the stuff that had gathered in the place and started to take apart de wooden floor boards. Under it we found about 15-20 cm of hydro granules. Under the train roof I had found more of these, so we decided to bag them and take them out. On the attic we had earlier found a jute bag full of jute bags, so no shortage of big strong bags.

After we filled a few bags and we picked the next bag, we both recognized a logo on the bag. It turned out to be an old Dutch sugar bag from the CSM brand. (Which btw has it’s 100 year anniversary this year)

A day filled with two simple tasks that sure took some time.

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