Digging for the sewer

If we might have had the thought we would be done digging, we where totally wrong. On Saturday we started to prepare the internal sewer systen, which ment, we had to do some digging to lay the sewer pipes for the connection with the outside pipes we hope we can start some day when all the paperwork has been done.

Anyway, we started in the future kitchen, we took out the last remaining hardboard plates that covered the floor and found the foundation of the old wood oven from the old kitchen. (And some holes which sure can cool down the room.) Later on when we opened the part of the floor where we wanted to dig in the pipes, we found the rest of the oven in pieces. And then, more digging started, the first part was a bit harder as there was a lot of stones and trash in the ground, but after about half a meter it was clean dirt and even deeper some sand.

As digging in the same hole did not work very well, I started digging on the other side of the wall, to find out if we need to drill of we can dig under the foundation.

In the mean time Mo took care of the garden, taking out the leftovers from last fall and trimming some bushes

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