Start of the canalization

When I arrive at the house, we first have lunch. Today, April 4th, was the first day we had lunch in the garden in t-shirt. It was very sunny with little wind.

With the holes in the foundation we could start to put the tubes and connectors together. Of course we forgot a few connectors when we went shopping on Saturday, so after we talked through what we needed we first went to ABC, as it was such nice weather we went by bike. A great bike ride!

We asked Mo to come over for a cup of tea, so we could discuss some of the new ideas we had about how to use the space and in that regard, where we have to put canalization pipes before they will be covered by concrete.

The we started the puzzle of connecting all the parts. Towards the end of the day the first part was almost done and the plans for the rest of the system where clear.

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