The last part of the floor

When I got to Rõika, my dad had already moved his bed to the other side of the room and had taken off the the hardboard and plaster plate from the last part of the floor. Underneath we found a nice looking floor of thick (4 cm) wooden planks. While he started to take these off I put in some more wall insulation.

At some point there was a big crumbling noice and my dad dove away from where he was. It turned out the brick pillar that had been supporting part of the chimney collapsed and he had been pretty lucky not being hit by any of the stones.

While my dad continued to break open the floor (which took more effort then expected) I went to the hallway to find the right location for the back door. I took out one of the windows to get some measurements, took off the old plaster plate and black draft barrier. It turns out the door will end up at the same height as the big window in the room next door, so this will be a nice total once it is finished.

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