A new back door

Wednesday, so Martijn came to help again. The two main things that had to be done where to test the floor heating with air pressure and put in the back door. In the mean time my dad continued with the last part of the breaking part of the floor.

Most manuals I found online only tell to pressurize the floor heating system, but I could not find a way how it was done. I contacted the heating guy and in the mean time designed something that came pretty close to the answer that from his reply a bit later on. So shopping for some copper work and pressurizing the system. It turned out to be good.

While the heating system was under pressure, we started with the next project. The backdoor. The wall of the house was made out of thick massive wood. From inside to outside. 5 cm , 7 cm and 2 cm. With come patience we got through the wall. At some point I totally missed the presents of a bit nail, so I now for sure have to sharpen my chain saw.

But towards the end of the day we had a new back door

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