An plumber day

With the electricity mostly done, today was the day to start on the water pipes. Before I could start I needed to decide if I wanted to invest in the expensive crimping wrench or use screw type connectors for the pex-al-pex pipes I decided to use.

So first I made a drawing of the pipes I need to install in the house. Then I discussed some details with my uncle on the phone. And then I went to Espak to check the price of the wrench there as well. I ended up getting it at ABC, as their 25% discount made the price most interesting. I also got fittings and pipe. Later on we also bought another door, so we can replace the front door with a similar door as our new back door.

The installation of the water pipes went very smooth and after crimping a few connections I was sure I made the right decision in getting the right tools for the job. I made a nice start with the water piping.

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