What I found under the fireplace

Today Jeff came to help me. I decided it would be good to take out the walls and floors from the former living room, to get them in the same state as the new living room.

I came in pretty early this morning and started by cleaning out the room. When Jeff came in we took out the big furniture and then Jeff started on the wall. I started to take down the fireplace, as Mo and I decided it was not nice or useful at it’s location. After we took of the concrete top part off together I could literally take apart the fireplace block by block with my bare hands. Only towards the end I needed some tools. Mostly to take out the other concrete tops.

When I was cleaning the debris of on the last concrete plate, I found a pen in a plastic bag, when I showed it to Jeff, I noticed there where to little things with it in the bag. Then Jeff realized what it was. We checked it out, made pictures and started searching the internet. His idea was correct, we had in deed found a pen gun! What an exciting find! Together with the money we found three months ago, our imagination took off while we finished our work for today.

In the early evening Pille stopped by with some meat we could put on the grill and Mo came to join this spontaneous grill meal.

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