Switches, lamps and insulation

For a morning after a party I was earlier up as I would have expected. Today I wanted to make up for the less productive Saturday. I started with connecting the light switches, power sockets and lamps, so when Uve will start building the central heating system he can switch on the lights he would need and has a power outlet if he needs it. This was also a good moment to put in the last pieces of plaster plate that I had not done yet.

In the mean time Mo put some stuff in boxes that was near the windows, as in the apartment they will replace the windows in the upcoming weeks and the windows need to be free. So we decided to already start a bit of the moving. Around 15:30 I went to pick her and the stuff up from the apartment.

Back at Rõika we started the insulation of the walls. I showed Mo how to use the power screwdriver and she practiced faithfully with more and more success, while I took out a piece of wall (covering) that would be in the way. Working together on this was very nice and we made a lot of progress, almost finishing the entire wall.

Then we put the stuff from the car on the second floor. Today sure has been much more productive then yesterday!

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