The toilet and a kitchen sink

A second day of this week, which is good to make some meters, as next week we will start moving in. My back was protesting from all the digging of last weekend, so I looked for some lighter tasks. I first wanted to make a sink in the kitchen so it would be easier to tap some water when we would need it in other parts of the house.

I took apart the old kitchenette that came with the house. The siphon was broken, so I needed a new one, but it was a good start. In between Uve suggested I would insulate the roof behind the radiator he was going to place, as afterward it would be very hard to reach it.

Before that we went to get some stuff at some store. At ABC I found an even better connector for the toilet then the one I already bought and Uve showed me a specialist store for plumbing supplies and the factory store of bakery.

Then I put in the insulation, build the sink and reconnected the toilet. This time all went well, so I could drill the holes and connect the pot to the floor and install the seat, which turned out to be a fancy slow closing one. Yay, we have a working toilet

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