Roof insulation

With the fall coming in fast, the roof insulation will get priority now. Jeff helped getting the insulation materials with him camper and agreed to come and help on Sunday.
On Saturday Mo and I insulated the roof above the bathroom area of the house. Already while working there you noticed the attic was getting warmer. Very curious what will will do with the heating.
On Sunday Jeff came to help with the main part of the house as the beams here where thinker also the insulation we used was a bit thinker. 15 cm mineral wool vs the 10 cm we had used on the other attic.
It turned out to be Jeffs birthday, which he didn’t do to much about as Pille was away on a work trip anyway, so we had decided to surprise him with a home made apple pie. (Plenty of apples from the garden to do something with.) This was a big hit. Jeff had to big pieces and was excited to take the rest home afterwards.

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