WLED and a better bed

For the bedroom I have planned LED strips on the beams for some nice indirect light. To know for sure how to wire them and therefore how many wires I have to put in behind the wood paneling, I had to make a test setup.

The good news was that just a few weeks ago an very cool open source project was covered by Dr Zzs which looked very promising, so I finally took some time to create a test setup. I did not have the NodeMCU micro controllers they used in the example, but I did have the ESP-01 controller I used for the relay test a few weeks ago, which is also based on the ESP8266 chip, so I tried flashing that with the WLED software. It took some convincing but then I was able to connect to the ESP-01 and give it an IP in the network. Unfortunately there was something off with the wiring so it did not survive a power cycle, but the prove of concept was done and I was able to control the LED strip. Unfortunately also no pictures this time.

After the test, Jeff helped me to get the other good bed from the storage at Mo’s mother, as we decided it was time to sleep on a decent bed.

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