Drawer cabinet and painting

When we moved in there was an old drawer cabinet left on the attic. It kind of fit the house, but needed a lot of work to restore it to something decent, on the other hand the big drawers would hold a lot of stuff, but then again where to put it, it is pretty big. The solution to this came one day when I imagined the drawers can be build in under the roof. Now I was going to do that.
With the nice weather the vegetable garden finally is taking of and also the weeds, so in between working in the house I weeded the garden and finally the first corn plants showed up. In the front yard I also found that some of the sun flowers actually started growing.
And finally Matias came up with some colours for his bedroom. He was inspired by one of his favorite paintings made by Mo, so now for us the challenge to find a matching wall colour. In the end I think we where successful and the first result was promising. It sure needs an extra layer, but it looks nice.
And of course in between all these bigger things that make it to the blog there are also lots of details that are done. One of them is putting a door stopper on the backdoor.

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