Greenhouse part 2

On Monday night we went to Mo’s mother again. She had ordered a truck load of horse shit an we would take part of it for our garden. Unfortunately Jan had just taken the trailer for a trip to the Netherlands, so we improvised with a plastic sheet in the van.

During the weekend work on the the greenhouse continued, by now all the parts had been made to fit, so it was time to put them in the linseed oil, as it gives a nice natural finish and as a bonus it smells pretty nice as well.

In between a shaped a new handle for the old ax from my grandfather. I had gotten a slat of beech from a friend, which I glued together to be big enough to make a handle out of it. With the used of the miter saw, a grater bit on the drill and the sanding machine, it was a quick, fun job.

The next day when the linseed oil had dried, I started to put together the first parts of the greenhouse. After I got the hang of it, it went surprisingly fast. Within a few hours I had a construction I could stand on.

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