Bulk pellet storage and vacuum robot

The prices of pellets keep rising and as my supplier said, the end is not in sight. I was told that apart from the more expensive electricity, the main reason for the increased prices is that a lot of raw materials for the pellets come from Russia and since the trade sanctions there is a relative shortage of raw materials. So i decided to invest in 4 pallets of pellets. We cleared the back of the garage where we could place just over 2,5 tons. The rest we put in the normal storage. This should last us till February at least, lets see how the market will be then.

Ronald and Chris had given me their old vacuum robot. It was broken and even though the internet was pretty clear on the most likely problem, they figured with a dog and a cat in their apartment a new vacuum robot might not be a bad investment. I ordered the part from AliExpress and once it came in, and I replaced it the robot came back to life. The next step was to get it into Home Assistant. Since this was a 100% Chinese model they took from China, I had to create a new account and after a bit of hacking around I got the machine code I need to communicate with it directly from Home Assistant. It just show some Chinese characters here and there, but all the functions work.

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