Finally the sewer connection

After a lot of preparing, paperwork and waiting today is the day. I will finally connect the sewer system. I started by measuring why I missed the connection under the pavement and as expected I was a few degrees off in both directions. After I adjusted the angle I pretty soon had light on the other end of the tunnel.

After placing the bottoms of the inspection puts I found out I drilled the hole to deep, so I adjusted that. All in all a lot of work to make sure the pipes had the right decline. I put in the foundation stones and made the grevel bed and then I was ready to put the vertical pipes.

With the sewer system in place I started on the toilet. After I got it basically done, Mo had dinner ready. After that I found out the connection to the sewer was leaking, so I disconnected it again and decided tomorrow would be as good a day as any other.

Shopping and digging

The morning started with a surprise. Espak was closed as it is a public holiday. I decided to drive home past K-Rauta to see if they might be open and we where in luck and it turned out they had the stuff we needed. As tomorrow is another public holiday we decided to pick a toilet as well, so we would not run out of work.

Back home we found out we forgot grout for the tile floor. So we went to ABC, who was just closing earlier. On the way there I joked if Mo wanted blue or red grout, but when we got there it turned out the did have about all colours of the rainbow including sparkles.

Back home again, I started digging, after a while I found an old gold bucket, unfortunately it was empty. When I got deep enough, I tried to drill under the pavement, but I had just missed the connection. Tomorrow another try!

As some friends where in town who wanted to meet up, we decided to have a little barbecue party. A pretty good end of a day of hard physical work.

The bathroom floor

Saturday I started pretty late, the plan was to put in the floor. I made all the tiles to fit and when I was done Mo was coming over to have lunch and then we started to put in the tiles. Voldermar had saved us at least an hour by getting some more glue from the other end of town.

Unlike the hallway, the bathroom took way less glue, so now I guess we will have glue left over. Oh well.

At the end of the afternoon we went to ABC to get materials for the outside sewer, but they did not have all the parts we needed, so I guess we’ll stop at Espak tomorrow as they are closed already.

Boiler electricity and toilet wall

Uve said he would like to put a small switchboard for the boiler and the pumps, 1 x 10A and 3 x 6A, so I arranged a wire for the switchboard. This was a small task so after that I put in the door frame and wall for the toilet. Suddenly it is not the end of the hallway anymore, but an actual toilet. I also connected the switch and the light.

Boiler, radiator and odd jobs

I got to the house pretty early today as Uve, the heater guy, would get here with the radiators and chimney pipes he got in Latvia yesterday. Including driving there and the time it takes it still saved me 500 euro, so why not.

After we unloaded his car, we planned what part of the plan would be done first and then Uve started installing the first radiator. While I was finishing a lot of smaller things like closing door openings and putting in the last plaster plates.

As there was a planned power outage we scheduled that time to pick up the boiler from the factory. It was nice to see the place where the boiler was coming from and at the end of the day, the first radiator was also a nice view!

A place for the pellet heater

Where a few days ago I still had a few weeks before the pellet heater would be delivered, now all of a sudden it was already available, that means I have the make sure the are tiles on the place where it needs to stand.

Earlier I had been puzzling with the tiles in the bathroom, but I was not very satisfied with the result, as by keeping an exact straight line with the tiles in the hallway (my null) the tiles in the bathroom just did not look good. I tried a different approach and soon saw that this was the way to go. So I laid the tiles in very precise, to get the right measurement for the location of the tiles in the wash- and heating room and glued in those tiles. Just in time as tomorrow we will pick up the heater.

Start in the hallway

Today I started early at work, so I was done early as well. I went to the house to finish the insulation. Still a bit of work, but also done quick enough.

After that I finished taking of the hard board and plaster plate from the remaining wall and cleaning up after that.

In the afternoon I got a phone call from Uve about the radiator in the hallway. In the last months a lot of stuff had accumulated, so I moved it outside and sorted it. I guess part of the wood will become the temporary kitchen later on. After that I took off the hardboard plates in the hallway. I still need to fill this side of the old kitchen door. But that is a nice job for tomorrow.

Switches, lamps and insulation

For a morning after a party I was earlier up as I would have expected. Today I wanted to make up for the less productive Saturday. I started with connecting the light switches, power sockets and lamps, so when Uve will start building the central heating system he can switch on the lights he would need and has a power outlet if he needs it. This was also a good moment to put in the last pieces of plaster plate that I had not done yet.

In the mean time Mo put some stuff in boxes that was near the windows, as in the apartment they will replace the windows in the upcoming weeks and the windows need to be free. So we decided to already start a bit of the moving. Around 15:30 I went to pick her and the stuff up from the apartment.

Back at Rõika we started the insulation of the walls. I showed Mo how to use the power screwdriver and she practiced faithfully with more and more success, while I took out a piece of wall (covering) that would be in the way. Working together on this was very nice and we made a lot of progress, almost finishing the entire wall.

Then we put the stuff from the car on the second floor. Today sure has been much more productive then yesterday!

Finishing the floor

I had just woken up, when my phone rang. Damn, I forgot I had to guide group through Tallinn this morning. I arranged to be picked up and poof, gone was my morning during which I had planned other thing.

When I got to the house I finished the rest of the floor. It went pretty straight forward. Then I went to the apartment to pick up Mo and some stuff for the birthday barbecue I organized for tonight.

The barbecue was a great success, this sure is something we can do again this summer.

The new floor is finished