Time for some pruning

In between all the work in the house the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. Triggered by a friends post on Facebook, I contacted Carool to teach me online how to prune the old neglected apple trees in the garden.
We started with on to get the basics down. I took pictures, send them to him and he marked which branches to take out.
As I have a electrical chain saw I thought it would be handy to also have a power plug on the outside of the house, so I adjusted the light I installed in the fall.
While waiting on feed back for the first tree, Mo and I decided to take out the two trees just on front of the garage. The had hardly any apples, stand to close to the building and don’t add to much to the garden. Once they where cut, it looked so much better already.
And of course the nice thing about pruning is, you have something to burn as well. This early in the year it is not so much a problem.

A bit more painting

This week we have mainly been sanding and painting. Besides we took measurements for some sliding doors to cover the space under the roof. It becomes a pretty nice unity.

Making it a toilet

After the canalization, there was also a need for water. This was already prepared, so it was relatively easy to connect to.
After that the left over floor tiles just fit in the toilet space and we found a nice sink with a little cabinet and a mirror. Once that was all in I started to sand down the big beams on the ceiling so we can stain them with the white wash.

It takes a long breath

After the physical cable was brought into the house it took another two weeks before a technician came to weld the glass fiber to the terminator.
After that I went to the Telia store to get the fiber optic plan, only to find out they could give out everything at the store except for the fiber optic patch cable. For which another technician needed to come. After a year of waiting this last frustration could be added to the pile.
But then finally, I had the 100/100 Mb internet connection running on my own router, so I could finally do some port forwarding!

The cable is in the house

After a rough week the bright light was that the Fiber optic cable is now in the house at the spot where I planned to have it.
Next week we’ll be in the Netherlands for a celebration and a family dinner.

Nice centrally in the house with the other meters.

A step closer to Fiber Optics

After a long silence there was finally contact from the contractor that would pull the fiber optic internet cable. This time they brought some heavy equipment. which turned out to be a good thing. The under ground pipe where the cable should go through was blocked in 4 places.
Besides I finished the walls for the toilet and went shopping for a toilet with Martijn.

A digital sauna thermometer

This was a short week as I have to go to Malta for work. I did add some insulation and walls to the upstairs toilet room. Besides I put a digital thermometer in the sauna. This ds18b20 waterproof sensor is connected to a Sonoff basic which is running tasmota firmware, so it can be easily added to the home automation software. I created an automation to switch on the salt wall LEDs once the sauna hit 70 degrees.

Compost heap and bedroom door

After such a productive vacation week, the result for this weeks seems pretty little. As the compost heap in the back of the garden was getting a bit unorganized, I figured I make good use of the pallets that where used to deliver the pellets. With them I build a much more organized compost heap.
The next thing in line was the bedroom, as when that is finished it will start a series of event towards finishing a lot of things around the house that are either waiting for each other or for the space to do it.
I started with a door frame. The existing wall was not entirely level, but I figured it was good enough. Next thing I created a room for the upstairs en suite toilet.

Testing the sauna

The manual of the heater said to fire it up the first time in a well ventilated place. The best place I could think off was outside, so out it went and there it was fired up for the first time.
Meanwhile I finished the lower bench, it starts to become a reals sauna .
Next thing was connecting the heater and adding the stones and the sauna is ready! Time to test it. So fire in the heater, Sauna Session beers out of the fridge and sauna hats on. Ready to sweat!