A dusty afternoon

As I wrote two days ago already. The last meters go slow. Today was another day of ungrateful work. You see little progress, but the work needs to be finished before I can start building.

In the morning i started cutting some of the wood into piece that would fit into the stove, so I can heat the place easy. After that I took out some last pieces of the ceiling in the former kitchen and around the stove and vacuum away the spiderwebs. When I was done, I could clean up the saw dust that I found a lot above the ceiling and organize the wood next to the chimney.

Around lunch I took some time to do something fun. I installed MQTT on my Home Assistant and set up two automations for one of my Sonoff switches, so the outdoor light would turn on 10 minutes after sunset en turn off at 22:30. (I just need to rearrange the light, but for that I need a ladder.)

Then I started the work intensive job of taking down part of the old plaster work with metal mesh from one of the walls. I must say I am glad this is only found in one room. It is very time consuming and dusty work. But with small steps you get to your destination also.

I moved the trash to private trash sorting station and then was done for the day.

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