The base electricity is done

Today would be another day of installation work. With all the tubes in place I just needed to pull wires to the central boxes I installed in each room. From there I can later on distribute the electricity to plugs, switches and light points.

As this involves a log of work near the ceiling, I figured I could use a folding ladder. I had been looking for one before, but since I have one in the Netherlands, I did not buy it yet, but today was my lucky day. I checked some websites of the construction stores and found that Bauhof had a very good discount, so off to Bauhof and spend a whooping 57 euro. I needed to have a client card, but that was very easy to get.

Back home one of the first things I did with the ladder was put up the lights in front of the house a bit better and take down a cable that isn’t needed.

After that I installed the entire fuse box and rewired the cable going to the garage. Now I just have one group that is connected with a temporary wire, as that goes to the room what is now the warm ‘construction office’. Besides I left one group unconnected, so I have a spare for later on.

This has been a very satisfying day, with a nice result. Back home Mo was cooking a wonderful meal, so the day ended as good as it had been. I am ready for the Tallinn Sauna Camp this weekend, so no updates expected till next week.

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