Last floor heating group

Today we put in the last floor heating group. Since we had to get more pipe we ended up with a different colour, but the size was the same (16/2). We put it in and then put in the last woodwork, so we can put in the insulation tomorrow to be ready for the concrete.

When I showed the picture of the water pipe to Mo last night I suddenly had the idea that this deeper part of the pipe was still in a good shape, so we might be able to connect a new piece of pipe to it without the need to dig up the old pipe to see how and where it enters the house.

So while getting the floor heating pipe we also got the right connectors for the water pipe, which turned out to be a good idea.

In the morning my dad cleaned a piece around the gate, so when the concrete floor comes and we have some concrete left over, we can use it there, to improve the path.

All in all a very productive day!

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